Abdomen management program

This program focuses on the problematic tummy area getting rid of excess body fat and toxins.

   1 session (60mins)


   1 session + facial

10% off

   10 sessions (no time limit)


   10 sessions (for 2weeks)


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    Does any of the following problem apply to you?

    Period pain

    Obese abdomen area


    Poor blood circulation.


    Arms and legs easily swell and become numb

Then we recommend our Abdomen area management programme!



    Programme’s highlights:


The programme assists in turning your saggy tummy into
   beautifully toned abs, discharging toxins out of your body
   and making your metabolism higher.

With our specially formulated Slim Plus C gel, the
   healthwaves are transferred deeper into the inner organs
   of your body speeding up the fat burning process

Spotting the right places for massaging maximize results
   – inner organs become stronger and blood circulation gets


    How the healthwaves work

Healthwaves make your muscles stronger by vibrating and exercising the cells of your body. Through the exercising actions, your metabolism grows higher which makes it easier for your body to burn fat.

Healthwaves also improve functions of your inner body organs. As a result, the toxins and fat accumulated in your body are discharged more easily.

The repetitive contraction and relaxation exercises consume energy and improve blood circulation.

    Cardio exercise

The repetitive contraction and relaxation actions of the healthwaves provide cardio exercise to your body.

The subcutaneous fat is turned to energy for these actions, therefore it is effective in burning your body fat.


    The programme’s duration is 60 minutes. It works as follows:

1.  Your abdomen area is massaged with a steamed towel.

2.  Our specially developed machine for the abdomen area called “Hebron-700” is used on your body with our specially developed gel to work for Hebron-700 called “Slim Plus C”.  Hebron-700 has a total of 3 pads to be attached on your body, one big pad to cover your whole abdomen area and two small pads to be attached to the areas of your back.

3.  Hebron-700’s five pads with Slim Plus C gel are attached to your body for 40 minutes.  At first, you may feel a little unpleasant or it may seem like it stings slightly however before you realise it, you feel comfortable with the massaging action of Hebron-700.

4.  As the programme proceeds, you will be able to find the degree of strength of the health waves that is usually most suitable for you.  Our trained consultants will maneouver the machine to find the most suitable strength for you at the start of each session.

It is recommended you receive this programme four to five times a week in the first three months.

After receiving three months’ treatment, your body will be toned from muscles built from the health waves of Hebron-700.  The functions of your body organs would have improved from the health waves also.  

The dreadful “Yo Yo” effect is unlikely to occur. It would now be recommended that you receive the programme three times a week with each session being up to 80 minutes.