Infrared Sauna Bed

Weight loss using our specially developed infrared sauna bed and our specially formulated fat disintegration gels.

This programme is designed not only to disintegrate and burn body fat faster but also to improve your skin tone and remove toxins from your body.

   1 session (50mins)


   10 sessions


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    Programme’s highlights:


Increases the metabolism level and disintegrates body fat.

Helps blood circulation with the use of unique technology
  using elvan stones and infrared

It gives elasticity to droopy and saggy skin.



Toxins, wastes and body fats are discharged from your body through sweats.  

These are completely removed with steam towels therefore we ask you to refrain from showering for three to four hours after receiving the sauna bed treatment.

The gels stay on your skin for a limited period of time and continue to benefit your skin for a few hours.

Eat a light meal at least 30 minutes before receiving the treatment. (not recommended for an empty stomach)

It is recommended that you receive the sauna bed treatment once every two days.  

Coupled with our abdomen area or full body programmes, greater results can be anticipated.   


    The programme’s duration is 60 minutes. It works as follows:

1.  We ask you to undress yourself leaving your underpants on.

2.  As your underpants are likely to be spoiled with sweats, we recommend that you bring an extra pair of underpants with you when you come in.

3.  For maximized results, we massage our specially formulated gel all over your tummy and massage on the spot points for 5 minutes.

4.  You stay in the sauna bed for 35~40 minutes after massaging.  

5.  After the sauna bed, you stay in the sauna bed for extra 10 minutes.

6.  We wipe your body with steamed towels to remove the gels and sweats