Presso-Therapy - Individual Leg Care

Pressotherapy is a compression system designed to increase the venous and lymphatic flow and enhance extra-cellular fluid clearance.

   1 session (15mins)


   10 sessions


   1 session (30mins)


   10 sessions


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    How does Pressotherapy work? What does it treat?

Pressotherapy is a treatment with special pressure cuffs, designed to detoxify the body through effective lymphatic drainage.

The pressure cuffs look like very long boots that go all the way up to the groin. The boots are slipped on the legs and hooked up to a special computer controlled compression device which inflates the cuffs.

The cuffs have five pressure chambers that apply controlled external pressure. The pressure moves the venous and lymph flow, starting at the ankles and working its way up to the upper thighs.

On average one treatment last about 30 minutes. The experts recommend weekly treatments for at least 2 months, to achieve desirable results.