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   Full set Eyelash Extension A

40 lashes per eye


   Full set Eyelash Extension B

60 lashes per eye


   Full set Eyelash Extension C

80 lashes per eye


   Eyelash Extension Double-up

110 lashes per eye



  Infills price

   Eyelash Touch-up (A)

20 lashes per eye


   Eyelash Touch-up (B)

40 lashes per eye


   Eyelash Perms



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    Eyelash Extension

When lash extensions are properly applied and maintained, they can last between
3 to 6 weeks.

Depending on the individual's lifestyle, the longevity of the lash extensions may vary. Avoid sleeping on the face, rubbing your eyes which will have great impact on the longevity.

Climate is another major factor, lashes do require extra care and maintenance in summer.

Generally with the correct application, semi-permanent eyelash extensions will not damage natural lashes. 

We use silk and mink eyelashes and we have over 25 different lash sizes in stock, so every set is customized just for you.


    Do NOT try Eyelash Extension if you have:

 - Any kind of inflammation in your eye area
 - Skin Diseases in and around the eye
 - An allergy to Eyelash Glue
 - If you are pregnant
 - On infants (under 15 years old)

NOTE: No claims are made in relation to the Eyelash Extensions.