BS Body & Skin Care



    Face shaping massage with specilized ceramic massager

This is an easy and affordable way to give yourself a facial lifting and small face.

We massage your face with specialized ceramic massager to get slimmer and smaller face than now.


 1. Cleasing / Steaming

 2. Exfoliation

 3. Face, neck and head massage

 4. Face shaping treatment

 5. Arm and shoulder massage

 6. mask (for your individual needs)

 7. Moisturizer

   Face shaping massage treatment


$120 -> $70
(first visit special)

   Face shaping massage treatment x 10times package
   + body machine treatment x 2times


$1350 -> $620
(10 times special)


As we age, our skin loses the elasticity. Sagging skin and wrinkles appears.

Fat accumulates around the jaw, resulting double chin. This Facial Massager machine can imitate facial muscle movement. It's a like giving your face muscle a mini-work out.

By training your facial muscles, you skin will be more tight and firm. Try this face shaping massage to massage away those cellulite!